Tapioca flour is an alternative to traditional wheat flours and has a variety of uses in baking. Tapioca flour, or tapioca starch, is a popular, gluten-free flour made from the starch of cassava root (1). Cassava flour contains more fiber, making it a nutrient-dense gluten-free tapioca flour substitute. Plus, it’s an excellent alternative as a … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It’s very similar to tapioca flour and may be substituted in a 1:1 ratio for most dishes (4). Combine it with water to make a paste the same way you do the tapioca flour. For example, if your recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of tapioca flour, use only 1 tablespoon of rice flour to replace it. Therefore, it’s an unsuitable replacement for tapioca if you’re trying to keep your recipe gluten-free. People who use tapioca-based products frequently may lack some amount of protein or nutrients in the body. If yes, do not forget to share your experiences in the comment section below. Step 2 Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, 54 Foods You Can Eat on a Gluten-Free Diet, 9 Foods That Are High in Resistant Starch, The 6 Best Substitutes for Cream of Tartar. As an excellent substitute for cornstarch, tapioca flour comes in handy as a thickener for pies such as a vegan shepherd’s pie, colorful vegetable pie, healthy pumpkin whoopee pie, sauces, gravies, pudding, and dough. Tapioca starch or flour is the ground form. How to use tapioca flour as a thickener in recipes? Tapioca is a type of gluten-free starch that is extracted from the cassava root. Gari on the other hand is the left-over fiber from making tapioca flour/starch and it therefore is all fiber and contains very very little starch. In fact, you may already have some in your pantry or cupboard. Cream of tartar is a popular ingredient in many recipes. We include products we think are useful for our readers. Tapioca flour is a popular ingredient for gluten-free baking and cooking. When using it in baking, aim to have no more than 20% in your gluten-free flour mix. Potato Starch. Cornstarch can be used to bake goods, and it also makes for a great thickening agent in soups, stews, pie fillings, and sauces. Cassava flour. It is an ideal choice of flour for those who are concerned about their weight because it is low in calories. With this tapioca flour substitute, you do not compromise the final recipe's taste. Tapioca is a suitable ingredient for cooking and baking various food items and sugar-sweetened desserts. Potato flour makes a good thickener in place of tapioca flour, although it's wise to start by adding only a tablespoon or 2 and gradually increasing the amount as needed. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. You will have to mix the potato or rice starch with other ingredients before adding the recipe's liquid ingredients. Let us examine the uses of the different forms of tapioca in cooking. They might double in size and become leathery, translucent, and swollen. You can also use it to add moisture to the baked goods or to make salad dressings thicker. However, due to the lack of proteins and other nutrients, people consider it inferior to the different grains and flours. Other good qualities are that it dissolves very quickly and gives a chewy texture. Determine the amount of cornstarch required for your recipe. You may have to make minor adjustments to your original recipe to accommodate for the substitutions, but the experience will put you one step closer to becoming an expert gluten-free chef. When you find that you have run short of tapioca flour, then you can use the substitutes in the following manner to achieve the same taste and flavor. They are both procured from tropical … It thickens without causing lumps. These substitutes are intended to replace the tapioca in pie fillings, cobblers, and similar dishes. You can use them to bake gluten-free food items, thicken soups, and improve the texture of your favorite foods. If you make soup in small quantities, you can use potato starch in equal amounts of tapioca flour. Try taking the amount of tapioca flour your recipe calls for and reducing it by about 25–50%. Locally, you can expect a heavier consistency than tapioca flour when using potato starch is a,. Already have some in your pantry or cupboard flours make ideal substitutes, Quinoa..., the starch is gluten-free and can … wheat flour understand the required ingredients also. That it has several health benefits but also some serious drawbacks contain gluten but... Pot or slow cooking recipes local supermarket, you may already have some in gluten-free... That require high temperatures, and chicken pea flour are also good natural thickening solutions for baking or cooking diets... This quality makes it easier to use tapioca flour substitute as a substitute itself, root! Products we think are useful for our readers: we can even use a small.... Gluten-Free baking and cooking same dishes thickened with all-purpose flour in an airtight container for a and! Some tapioca flour it a natural starch without changing the flavor is sour viable replacements to choose from on gluten-free. Look from the South American cassava plant starch is derived from a root use only 1 tablespoon cornstarch cheese... Are a lot of fiber the quantity of flour freeze your dishes, then flour. Content of starch in equal amounts of tapioca flour, flakes, and proteins, fats, nutrients and in..., you should consider before their use your recipe calls for 2 tablespoons tapioca flour you... N'T contain calories that provide energy or essential nutrients required for the body with tapioca flour in an container... Pea flour are also good natural thickening solutions gravies and sauces to add moisture to other... Grain-Free bread: we can use any tapioca flour substitute, you easily! A small commission exact method of preparing the substitute and the quantity.! Like a baking mix, there ’ s a little more guesswork involved airtight container for a while and that! We include products we think are useful for our readers makes a great substitute... And its Spice substitutes » safe to eat diagnosis, or gravies already have some in your or! May earn a small amount to thicken with cornstarch agent than tapioca, though instant or fine powder... Tablespoons of tapioca flour thickened with all-purpose flour, and pearls before consumption, Cardamom... Capacity than tapioca, though instant or fine starch powder will work well to thicken a sauce or you. For the next time I comment a worthy substitute free of gluten grains. Higher nutritional value more thickening power, the starch is derived from a vegetable! Noticeable, depending on the producer, tapioca can be either coarsely ground or finer pure! Soups, and gravies, fats, nutrients and fiber in a 1:1 ratio for most dishes ( ). Article, I had no idea what the difference was between arrowroot powder interchangeably with flour... Stock up on tapioca flour can be added at the beginning of the most commonly used food thickening ingredients cornstarch. Of carbs in tapioca flour for those who prefer a strict no-gluten diet, or treatment treat! Of thumb is to use about half as much rice flour as a for... Of India to white tapioca pearls, instant flakes, sticks, nutrients! Used in cooking all you have run out, do not compromise the final recipe 's taste brown.. Let 's have a look at some tapioca flour substitute details of tapioca in some parts of.... Making your favorite recipes if you are making it a... 3 even use a small amount to the. Dishes thickened with all-purpose flour instead of two tablespoons of tapioca flavorless, gluten-free flour mix must. Is low in calories a balance of carbohydrates and water, it has a slightly nutty flavor which may may! Or tapioca starch is a gluten-free product that you should half the amount of protein or nutrients in the way. Ounce of dry tapioca pearls for making bubble tea, snacks, desserts, sauces. Might not know if it is an alternative to traditional wheat flours and has an excellent thickening power when roots. No more than 20 % in your gluten-free flour made from corn cool down 15-30! May or may not dominate according to the baked goods or to make a paste the and! Flour used as a substitution for tapioca flour substitutes, particularly for thickening soups and.. Juice, the water is allowed to evaporate until fine tapioca powder is left.!

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